BNL-BNP Paribas: the first italian social career page, Pt.1

Here we go! English version! 🙂


 “People not numbers”

I’m used to look for good HR&Social Recruiting practices outside my country. This time the surprise comes from Italy and features BNL-BNP Paribas as first mover with this incredibly remarkable initiative.

The social career page is a newborn but yet a star in the social recruitment field. It demonstrate how recruiting runs perfectly side by side with employer branding strategies, in a social media sauce.

In november 2012 Lunquist spread a research named “Employer Branding Online Award Italy 2012- second research” that started from a sad consideration: it pointed out the fact that italian corporate web pages are very far from interacting actively with the social media universe.

Today the situation hold steady, big companies still offer an inadequate amount of information about open positions and hiring possibilities, without catching the right entry point to communicate properly with their target.

The comparison between the second and the first Lundquist research wasn’t positive in terms of improvement, and that’s why  what happens today with the BNL-BNP practice is stunning and pleasantly surprising.

On April,24th , also thanks to TBWA\Italy efforts, the brand new BNL-BNP Paribas social career page saw the light with one clear goal: to make job seekers’ reasearch as customizable as possible in order to evaluate their personal aspects and make their application meaningful.

How? By merging social media typical dinamycs with the idea of a talent community platform. Genius!

As a young job seeker and employer branding passionate I’ll carry you with me in my social career page investigation and adventure!

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