BNL-BNP Paribas: my adventure in the first italian social career page, Pt.2

Here we are,  thanks for joining me in my adventurous analysis of the (I proudly say that) first italian social career page by BNL-BNP Paribas group.


Let’s see together which employer branding and social recruiting topics made me enthusiast about this platform:

  • Data visualization:

Alberto Cairo, one of the most estimated international expert of data visualization, says:

If you don’t show your data in order to make the readers see them, read and analyse them, why should they trust you?

That’s why aiming at a data visualization language can assure a double benefit: first, a career page is a complex reality and data visualization becomes a functional asset in order to facilitate the right understanding of the process, that means fostering the natural flow of the job seeker application. On the other side this language makes the platform more readable, familiar and pleasant, stimulating the target curiosity.

  • People, not numbers


Two boys and two girls proudly show their shirts. Each t shirt carry a message of 3 elements: the applicant name, his/her passion, degree and skills. For example: “Laura. Rock music lover with a statistics degree. I fluently speak English and German”. Each mini-cv is completed with little icons, that recall the data visualization language.

Giving a phisical image of the job seeker makes the company appear as a group of people aware of dealing with other people, and not numbers! And this is highly engaging in this application first moment as the job seeker can identify himself in the proposed image.

  • People, not monsters!


In this videos managers and directors unveil themselve in order to describe their jobs, tasks and regular work day. This is reassuring. The people we normally quite fear before an interview are given a face and a “humanity”. They’re displayed in their “habitat”. They open their offices’ doors for us. This allow the job seeker to demystify some figures that can possibly make him afraid before the interview.

  • Create your social cv


Nowadays the social media environment allows us to make our value offer more significant and rich of details about our personality and our passions. It makes us able to build a personal brand and communicate it properly. The combination of our social profiles originates a mosaico of the “Brand of Me Inc.“, and we ourselves are the CEO. Big up for BNL-BNP that caught this extraordinary insight, and gives his applicants the opportunity to connect with facebook and Linkedin to create his own infographic social cv! Here you can find my social cv powered by BNL-BNP Paribas!

The social cv is for sharing, it immediatly appears on your fb profile page, and of course is a tool that remains in the job seeker’s hands. It’s a real gift, in my opinion!

  • Record your video cv

Last but not least, the opportunity to record a video presentation. As the management did before, we now have the possibility to introduce ourselves. A step-by-step guide to record is downloadable in pdf format, and stimulate the applicant with a simple and readable infographic’s visual language.

In the next post I’ll list the advantages of the social career page model!


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