7 Reasons why BNL BNP already loves its own social career page (I’m sure about that)

Schermata 2013-04-29 a 11.18.05

  1. The applicant feels valued and engaged
  2. He feels motivated and wants to give the favour back, so he pays back the company with the best performance he can give in that moment, that is: fill in at his best the application form, with details and precise descriptions.
  3. The applicant gives confidence to the company, recognizing it as a place in which his talent won’t go wasted of underestimated.
  4. The applicant, the talented and targeted one, will start yearn for being part of such a a modern and dynamic environment.
  5. The applicant begins a  “human” and emotional relationship with the company. He will more likely try again to apply if the first time shouldn’t succeed.
  6. The company obtains a clear positioning in job seekers’ minds. It will demonstrate listening and people caring skills.
  7. The company shows a great job in observing and listening young talents needs, and the proof is the investment in a social platform to get them closer to the work environment they long for.

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