The New Traditionalists on Pinterest: Social Recruiting and Unconventional Job Posting

The New Traditionalists is a luxury furniture brand. They have their headquarter in the amazing Soho, NY. The furniture they produce are very classic and classy but, as their company name says, they’re “New Traditionalists”, people that didn’t wait too much before jumping on the newborn Pinterest. They did a great job with a board named “Help Wanted!”, a cutting edge example of visual job posting.

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The caption of this board reads: “ We are The New Traditionalists and we’re looking to expand our wolfpack! We need a Client Service Specialist to join us in our Soho showroom. Traditional job postings are boring, so we made this board detailing our desired criteria. Are you the Client Services Superstar that we’re seeking?Please check it out and pass this on! If this is you send your resume to:…”

  • TARGET DEPICTION – We know you’re somewhere out there!

Every picture displayed comes from famous movies, is a funny picture from the web or a portrait of a famous character. Each picture of this board contributes to build the architecture of the “Search for the Client Services Supertar” story.The board starts with a group of young men riding a motorbike and says: “We have embarked on a journey to expand our team”. “We are The New Traditionalists” “we like things that are traditional..”,”…and cool!” says a young Steve McQueen picture’s caption, “and we’re looking for a client service specialist!!!” . “Someone who is upbeat”, “but not a diva”.  They go on building an extremely detailed “target depiction”,  making this board a complete mood character board, putting together inspirations and some really involving captions like: “We want a ROCKSTAR!!”

  • PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION – And by the way, we’re masters of quality!

They don’t miss the chance to display some products, in a strategic and rational way: they use them as elements to give further information about the product offer and quality, in order to attract those who are interested in this kind of environment and market.

  • EMPLOYER BRAND INSIGHT – Step in, we’re open!

Yep that’s right: Soho \ An office in a swanky loft / showroom in the heart of Soho \ We are looking to do big things and we need amazing people on our team to help us make them happen. \  We are offering: A competitive base salary plus an incentive bonus based on sales growth. This inisghts play for the strategy by adding value to the job offer. With this simple issues The New Traditionalists succeed in letting the job seeker know what jumping on their boat means in terms of intangible resources (satisfaction, status, wealth, benefit).

  • CONTENT STRATEGY – They’ve been smart!

Every picture is a true inspiration, especially on Pinterest! That means they can be shared and easily Re-Pinned. This makes the New Traditionalists job board the landing page where users will be re directed each time they’ll click on one of those images used in the board. This guys have chosen carefully! Moreover, the tone of voice is very friendly and this gives the impression of speaking directly with one of them.


Because is the social media of the details lovers, of the design passionates, of those who want to share beauty.In this strategy the social media contributes to enrich the message with new shades, motivating and stimulating the job seeker by hitting him with emotional pictures and captions.It’s the perfect way to make an applicant think “Oh my gosh I want to work with this guy and share my knowledge with them!”.  Once engaged, the job seeker will more likely be well disposed and ready to give his best to amaze the team he wants to join!

That means: engage people you’re seeking in the place where they actually are!

In 2004 Google placed a billboard advert which displayed a mathematical question that, once solved, eventually lead you to a URL address which reads:

“One thing we learned while building Google is that it’s easier to find what you’re looking for if it comes looking for you. What we’re looking for are the best engineers in the world. And here you are.”

Here’s the point! The result? People loved this board and started comments on the research, asking for beaing updated on the search results, that means more visibility, and the increasing of brand image positive ingredients.


KEEP ON BEING UPDATED:  which are the new trends in the social and digital environment? People you’re looking for is surely there, somewhere.

GO WITH THE FLOW:  choosing the right pictures will increase your board visits. They also will be more easily shared as they will be an interest content for the platform’s users.  Find the way to involve people by offering interesting and funny contents, and you will have more probabilities to rock!


7 Reasons why BNL BNP already loves its own social career page (I’m sure about that)

Schermata 2013-04-29 a 11.18.05

  1. The applicant feels valued and engaged
  2. He feels motivated and wants to give the favour back, so he pays back the company with the best performance he can give in that moment, that is: fill in at his best the application form, with details and precise descriptions.
  3. The applicant gives confidence to the company, recognizing it as a place in which his talent won’t go wasted of underestimated.
  4. The applicant, the talented and targeted one, will start yearn for being part of such a a modern and dynamic environment.
  5. The applicant begins a  “human” and emotional relationship with the company. He will more likely try again to apply if the first time shouldn’t succeed.
  6. The company obtains a clear positioning in job seekers’ minds. It will demonstrate listening and people caring skills.
  7. The company shows a great job in observing and listening young talents needs, and the proof is the investment in a social platform to get them closer to the work environment they long for.

BNL-BNP Paribas: my adventure in the first italian social career page, Pt.2

Here we are,  thanks for joining me in my adventurous analysis of the (I proudly say that) first italian social career page by BNL-BNP Paribas group.


Let’s see together which employer branding and social recruiting topics made me enthusiast about this platform:

  • Data visualization:

Alberto Cairo, one of the most estimated international expert of data visualization, says:

If you don’t show your data in order to make the readers see them, read and analyse them, why should they trust you?

That’s why aiming at a data visualization language can assure a double benefit: first, a career page is a complex reality and data visualization becomes a functional asset in order to facilitate the right understanding of the process, that means fostering the natural flow of the job seeker application. On the other side this language makes the platform more readable, familiar and pleasant, stimulating the target curiosity.

  • People, not numbers


Two boys and two girls proudly show their shirts. Each t shirt carry a message of 3 elements: the applicant name, his/her passion, degree and skills. For example: “Laura. Rock music lover with a statistics degree. I fluently speak English and German”. Each mini-cv is completed with little icons, that recall the data visualization language.

Giving a phisical image of the job seeker makes the company appear as a group of people aware of dealing with other people, and not numbers! And this is highly engaging in this application first moment as the job seeker can identify himself in the proposed image.

  • People, not monsters!


In this videos managers and directors unveil themselve in order to describe their jobs, tasks and regular work day. This is reassuring. The people we normally quite fear before an interview are given a face and a “humanity”. They’re displayed in their “habitat”. They open their offices’ doors for us. This allow the job seeker to demystify some figures that can possibly make him afraid before the interview.

  • Create your social cv


Nowadays the social media environment allows us to make our value offer more significant and rich of details about our personality and our passions. It makes us able to build a personal brand and communicate it properly. The combination of our social profiles originates a mosaico of the “Brand of Me Inc.“, and we ourselves are the CEO. Big up for BNL-BNP that caught this extraordinary insight, and gives his applicants the opportunity to connect with facebook and Linkedin to create his own infographic social cv! Here you can find my social cv powered by BNL-BNP Paribas!

The social cv is for sharing, it immediatly appears on your fb profile page, and of course is a tool that remains in the job seeker’s hands. It’s a real gift, in my opinion!

  • Record your video cv

Last but not least, the opportunity to record a video presentation. As the management did before, we now have the possibility to introduce ourselves. A step-by-step guide to record is downloadable in pdf format, and stimulate the applicant with a simple and readable infographic’s visual language.

In the next post I’ll list the advantages of the social career page model!

BNL-BNP Paribas: the first italian social career page, Pt.1

Here we go! English version! 🙂


 “People not numbers”

I’m used to look for good HR&Social Recruiting practices outside my country. This time the surprise comes from Italy and features BNL-BNP Paribas as first mover with this incredibly remarkable initiative.

The social career page is a newborn but yet a star in the social recruitment field. It demonstrate how recruiting runs perfectly side by side with employer branding strategies, in a social media sauce.

In november 2012 Lunquist spread a research named “Employer Branding Online Award Italy 2012- second research” that started from a sad consideration: it pointed out the fact that italian corporate web pages are very far from interacting actively with the social media universe.

Today the situation hold steady, big companies still offer an inadequate amount of information about open positions and hiring possibilities, without catching the right entry point to communicate properly with their target.

The comparison between the second and the first Lundquist research wasn’t positive in terms of improvement, and that’s why  what happens today with the BNL-BNP practice is stunning and pleasantly surprising.

On April,24th , also thanks to TBWA\Italy efforts, the brand new BNL-BNP Paribas social career page saw the light with one clear goal: to make job seekers’ reasearch as customizable as possible in order to evaluate their personal aspects and make their application meaningful.

How? By merging social media typical dinamycs with the idea of a talent community platform. Genius!

As a young job seeker and employer branding passionate I’ll carry you with me in my social career page investigation and adventure!

Go to the next post!

BNL – BNP Paribas: il primo caso italiano di social career page

“People, not numbers”

Un nuovo caso a dir poco eccellente dimostra come il recruiting vada oggi di pari passo con l’employer branding, il tutto accompagnato da una buona dose di social media.

Nel Novembre 2012 il punto di partenza del 2° studio Lundquist Employer Branding Online Awards era la considerazione che i siti corporate fossero sempre più slegati e lontani dalle realtà dei social media.

Anche oggi la situazione si presenta sostanzialmente invariata, le grandi aziende continuano ad offrire soltanto informazioni scarne riguardo a posizioni aperte e possibilità di inserimento, senza cogliere il giusto entry point per immettersi in un flusso comunicativo efficiente con il loro target.

Se tra il secondo e il primo studio Lundquist non è stato rilevato alcun progresso, oggi -a distanza di un anno e mezzo- una nuova piattaforma vede la luce e ascende immediatamente nel firmamento delle best practice nell’ambito del social recruiting!

Il 24 aprile, grazie anche al lavoro di TBWA\Italia, nasce la nuova career page del gruppo BNL-BNP Paribas. Un solo chiaro obiettivo:  valorizzare il lato più personale dei candidati dando a tutti la possibilità di rendere quanto più possibile soggettiva la propria candidatura. “People, not numbers”.

La social career page del gruppo BNL-BNP Paribas

Da giovane job seeker ed appassionata di employer branding e social recruiting, non ho potuto non notare ed apprezzare alcuni elementi davvero nuovi e stimolanti, che hanno trovato posto in questa piattaforma.

Questo il mio viaggio nella social career page!

– Data visualization:

Alberto Cairo, uno tra i massimi esperti internazionali di data visualization, sostiene: “Se non presenti i tuoi dati in modo che i tuoi utenti possano vederli, leggerli, esaminarli e analizzarli, perché dovrebbero fidarsi di te?” Puntare sulla visualizzazione dei dati in stile infografica assicura un doppio benefit: da un lato diventa funzionale per aiutare a comprendere una realtà complessa -come può essere proprio una piattaforma di recruiting-, e dall’altro la rende più piacevole e stimolante agli occhi del target, abituato a questo tipo di linguaggio.

– “People, not numbers”:


Quattro ragazzi dall’aria soddisfatta indossano t shirt con il loro nome scritto a cartteri grandi e visibili, seguito da un mini cv composto da passioni e competenze di ciascuno. “Fabio. Appassionato di pesca sportiva, laureato in economia, ottima conoscenza dell’inglese e del cinese”. Interessante anche il dettaglio dell’icona sotto questa bodycopy, che riassume in due simboli l’interesse di ciascun ragazzo e la sua competenza. Dare un volto al candidato veicola la consapevolezza dell’azienda di avere a che fare con persone, e non numeri per l’appunto, e ingaggia subito il target. Il candidato si identifica nell’immagine di sè proposta dal suo interlocutore, gli accorda la sua fiducia ed è simolato a proseguire nel dialogo appena iniziato.

 -People, not monsters!


I professionisti che si celano dietro agli annunci di lavoro si scoprono e si raccontano, inseriti nel contesto lavorativo. questo permette al candidato di demistificare le figure che piùlo intimoriscono prima del colloquio, e che fino a quel momento rimangono senza volto. Poter vedere chi ci sta reclutando in un atteggiamento positivo e aperto moltiplica esponenzialmente la volontà di procedere nella candidatura.

-Crea il tuo social CV


La presenza social è oggi un’importante indice di valutazione del personal brand del candidato. Se nell’era del cv cartaceo una prima idea di identità del candidato si costruiva sulla base delle sue esperienze scritte nero su bianco, oggi la situazione è cambiata ed offre più possibilità di definizione del proprio brand per il candidato che le sa cogliere. Il mondo dei social media ci permette di arricchire la nostra offerta valoriale con le sfumature della nostra più o meno vasta presenza sui social media. Su quali canali siamo attivi, in che modo e con quali obiettivi. Sono elementi del mosaico della “Brand of Me Inc.”, di cui ognuno di noi è CEO.

A BNL-BNP Paribas il merito di aver colto questo splendido insight e di offrire la possibilità, in pochi click, di collegarsi ai propri profili Facebook e Linkedin e creare il proprio social cv in fomato infographic. Ecco il mio social cv powered by BNL! Il social cv è condivisibile, e diventa uno strumento che resta in mano al candidato. Questo è, a mio parere, un vero e proprio regalo che BNL fa ai job seeker che atterrano sulla sua piattaforma!

-Registra il video CV


Coerentemente con la strategia di valorizzazione della soggettività dei job seekers, viene offerta la possibilità di registrare e caricare una video presentazione di sè. E’ possibile scaricare un pdf dalla veste grafica essenziale, semplice e stimolante, che fornisce le indicazioni per realizzare il filmato.Questa opportunità è tanto semplice quanto unica e poco scontata!

Il video cv è l’ultimo step presente nella home della social career page prima di accedere al vero e proprio iter di completamento della candidatura formale. E’, come il social cv, uno strumento in più che viene offerto al candidato per presentarsi “di persona”, con le passioni, gli hobby e le motivazioni che dalla carta non emergono.

I vantaggi di questo modello:

  • il candidato si sente valorizzato e ascoltato
  • è motivato a ripagare l’azienda con la migliore performance che può offrire, che in questa fase significa: compilare al meglio la candidatura arricchendola di dati e registrare un video che lo rappresenti al meglio.
  • il candidato accorda fiducia all’azienda, la riconosce come luogo in cui il suo potenziale non sarà sminuito.
  • il candidato inizierà ad ambire ad essere parte di una realtà così dinamica e moderna.
  • il candidato stabilisce un rapporto umano ed emotivo con l’azienda ed è motivato a tornare sulla career page per riproporre la sua candidatura.
  • l’azienda si posizionerà come figura che sa ascoltare ed assecondare le esigenze dei giovani candidati, e delle sue risorse in generale.
  •  l’azienda dimostra di aver ascoltato ed osservato i giovani candidati, investendo nella creazione di una piattaforma che li avvicini il più possibile al posto di lavoro a cui ambiscono.